Saturday, 15 February 2014

Digital Metropolis

It’s 2039. Computers have taken over the world and I am trapped inside a blank white space with a cloned version of myself imported from Japan. The locking system is controlled by faulty software and it has crashed. Me and my other self don’t get along. We end up having a fight until all of a sudden the door becomes unlocked. We go outside, there is a blinding light shining upon us that feels kind of nice. We’re not sure where it’s coming from. It might be the lighthouse or it could be the sun. Either way we lock arms and drift into the distance. There is a big purring fluffy cat staring at us across the road. We wonder what may have caught her attention. Maybe it was the flashes of pink on our multicoloured socks or the clattering of loose change in our pockets. Stumbling upon a nice wooden bench, we sit down and gaze across the starlit, digital metropolis. It causes our eyes to go out of focus and all we see is a yellow and purple blur. I open my sketchbook and reach down into my black bag to find watercolours but I had left them elsewhere so I resort to a set of Crayola colouring pencils in the front compartment. I start to note down my feelings… Confusion, happiness, frustration, illumination and tranquility. Those five words are all I have time for.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Distorted Computer Generated Imagery

Some images I came across after searching "distorted computer generated images" in the google search, some lush fractal stuff and pixellated imagery. Gabriel Dawe - Interesting installation. Colours. QR code's are interesting I find too. I generally don't use them, I just mean visually.

Distorted Computer Generated Imagery

I was just thinking about possible references for my artwork. My work is primarily drawing. Things that sprung to mind were pixellated images made using a computer or distortion in photographs - heading away from the clear cut images we see in modern day digital photography. I find an interest in peculiar images, images that aren't perfect but were perfect. Images that aren't visible in our common surroundings but that can be created through using mathematics, science and technology. I'm not striving for a clear interpretation of these images, more a vague representation into a personal imagined world.